Border Women


Border Women is a social networking group for lesbian and bisexual women, aged 18 years or over, with connections to the border between England and Wales.

The networking site is based upon a secret Facebook group and so no-one except other group members will know that you’re a member of the group. Whilst membership of the group is confidential we need to publicise its existence, and so this page – but not the group itself – is public.

A small donation is requested each year to help publicise our group and to finance its activities.


Our membership is primarily located in Shropshire, Herefordshire and Powys; but there are also members in Cheshire, Gloucestershire and Staffordshire, and there are even members as far afield as Kent and Scotland. Members are of all ages and have a very wide range of interests. For example, in a typical month there will be:

  • Meals out across the region – including Oswestry, Shrewsbury, Church Stretton and Ludlow;
  • Sporting activities, such as badminton;
  • Organised walks; and
  • Various events held at members houses and elsewhere.

Less regularly, but still frequently, are held events such as:

  • Bicycle rides,
  • Cinema visits, and
  • Activities such as yoga and music festivals.

Membership numbers are cyclical in nature, peaking in December (as new members join throughout the year). Thus the site only contains “active” members. In 2015 membership varied from 110 in January to 145 in December.

Border Women is an informal group with no leaders or management committee. The group is based around the networking site and it comprises of whatever the members do. Women list events which are open to others to attend, and they go along to whatever suits them. If they can find no events of interest to them they are encouraged to set up events themselves and invite others via the networking site. In this sense there is no “committee” responsible for choosing and hosting events.

Next Steps

  • Please email if you have any further questions.
  • View our joining instructions to join and access the group.
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The Terms of Service for Border Women requires members to respect the confidentiality of the site and its’ members. Some members are public about their sexuality and others are not. It is important that members respect each others’ needs and wishes. Details of members and events are provided to members to facilitate the attendance and organisation of Border Women events, chats, groups and forums. These details must not be passed to non-members except to enable them to attend an event as their invited guest.