To Join Our Group

  1. Create a Facebook account if you don’t already have one.
    1. We get a number of spurious membership requests from men throughout the world.
    2. A small but significant proportion of our membership is concerned about who is aware of their membership of our group.
    3. Therefore we use your Facebook account as a form of verification that your request is genuine.
    4. Your Facebook profile needs to give sufficient confidence to the group’s moderators that your request is genuine for them to give you access to the group.
    5. Please ensure that your profile contains a photograph – preferably (but not necessarily) of you – so that your profile can be easily distinguished from the profiles of other group members.  The generic Facebook “blank head” image is of no use in this regard.
  2. Find and copy your Facebook profile URL.
  3. Ensure that everyone is able to send you a “Friend” request.
  4. Send an email to stating that you’d like to join and giving your Facebook profile URL.
    1. One of the administrators will send you a Facebook “Friend” request.
    2. Accept the “Friend” request.
    3. The administrator will then add you to the group.
  5. Once you’re a member of the group, if you wish you may:
    1. Unfriend the administrator,
    2. Change who can send you a “Friend” request.